"Não canso de dizer: o ballet é a minha segunda pele".

segunda-feira, 15 de setembro de 2008

September 10, 2008
Issue # 68
A Sensational SeasonWorld-class entertainment highlights the arts in South Florida
By Mary Damiano

Cecilia Kerche of Ballet do Theatro Municipal do Rio de Janiero, Brazil, one of the dancers performing in South Florida for the International Ballet Festival of Miami
The world’s longest film festival, one of the world’s largest art fairs, a convergence of dancers from around the globe, world premiere plays, world class opera stars kick off the 2008/2009 arts season in South Florida.
South Florida does the arts in a big way. Everything has to be the biggest, the longest, the first, the best, the brightest. And as arts lovers, we all win.
Below you’ll find highlights of the upcoming arts season, concentrating on the fall and winter offerings. This is by no means a complete list—that would fill the whole issue. It’s meant as a glimpse of all the incredible things to do in the upcoming months. So get your fingers ready to hit the websites, mark your calendars and gear up for what promises to be a very hot season.

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